Expert Antique Restorers. (917) 832-6866 (landline, no texts please)


At Rafael Haroch Studio we have reinstated countless antique pieces of furniture ranging from 17th Century European to Ancient Chinese as well as Art Deco pieces all of which include, but do not limit us to cabinets, armories, dressers, chairs, commodes, tables, mirror stands, bookcases, chests, desks, armchairs, sofas, lampshades, long case clocks and more.

Our process includes comparing both the materials as well as the technique in which the antique piece was originally created to keep the authenticity alive.

We repair furniture containing warped, cracked, or split wood. Damaged marquetry or other detailing that may be broken or missing pieces will be replaced and revamped. Shrinkage, instability, or loose joinery that may have occurred over time will also be strengthened and tightened. Our gentle touch ups and conditioning will turn a dull and lifeless piece of antique furniture into a clean and freshly polished furnishing without appearing overworked. We can also revive any previously insufficient restoration that may have already occurred to an antique piece of furniture.

Don’t hesitate to call and describe to us the state of your item(s) and from there we will inform you of the help we are able to provide.