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Client Testimonial

After hearing a loud crash I was horrified to find that our roving cat had knocked over our beautiful painted terra cotta Tang Dynasty horse. Needless to say, how devastated I was to discover this very special art object in shambles on the floor.

In haste, I contacted the auction house Christie’s for a referral and they recommended Rafael Haroch, who came to assess the extent of the damages. He was professional, efficient and expeditious. One would never know the sculpture was ever damaged.

There was also the terra cotta sculpture of a head from the Nok civilization, (2,500 B.C) which fell from its shelf and needed to be restored. Again, Raphael performed his magic.

Another time, a furniture piece, an antique Chinese medicine cabinet with its myriad of tiny drawers, had suffered greatly in a move. When the cabinet was finally unwrapped one year later, we noticed that the cabinet frame was warped, with some cracks, missing pieces and some broken sections, an the drawers no longer fit into their allotted slots.

Raphael Haroch not only reworked the cabinet frame, and each individual drawer, so they would fit into their slots, but completely refurbished the patina as well.

Although we were advised as to the restoration process and kept updated as to the progress, I do not know the technique or method used, but the results are totally astonishing and extraordinary.

Raphael Haroch and his collaborators are magicians, and I am truly grateful to them for their hard work, talent, and intellect; and for giving us back our treasures, which have been in our family for a quarter of a century. They take pride in their work, and they are true professionals.