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Client Testimonial

My experience with Rafael Haroch Studio, and with Rafael Haroch, the founder and President of the company dates back approximately 11 years. I not only trust Rafael’s recommendations concerning the maintenance and up keep of my antique furniture pieces, but I would never buy a piece without his prior inspection and advice.

Over the years I have had Haroch Studio restore and renovate every single one of my furniture pieces. Not only are they experts in the different artistic specialties needed for such work, but they are both historians as well as artisans of the highest caliber.

THE materials, such as veneers, wood pieces, marquetry inserts, hardware and methods are identical to those used during the time the pieces were actually built. The importance in such careful and authentic matching of both technique and materials cannot be overstated and emphasized enough, because if not strictly adhered to – the piece simply looses its value rather than increasing in value. It also becomes inauthentic if a “patch – up” job is done. I know this because I had several bad experiences with other companies before I started to exclusively work With Rafael Haroch.

As Rafael once said “I bring a piece back to life, to how its creator had intended it”. He does just that.

I own several fantastic pieces restored by Rafael, which are very special to me. One such is my CARLTON DESK. When I first laid eyes on it, it was in shambles, none of the drawers were functional, the legs were uneven and unstable, the top – which is lined with leather – was all scratched up. Rafi said, “buy it”. I did. It went straight to his studio. He completely disassembled the desk, worked on each piece and put the desk back together, striped the wood, refinished it, repaired the leather, polished it.

I know have an original antique Carlton Desk, in full working order, worth 3 times the price I bought it for including the restoration costs. In all of my dealings with Rafi, he always acts with integrity, honesty and the highest professional decorum.

Another particular precious furniture piece I own is an 18th century “Table a ecrire” signed by “Joseph”. The marquetry work on this small table drew me to the piece. It was interesting and again Rafi told me to buy it. There were pieces missing and there was no luster at all, in addition to the surprising interior which is a game table and bed table top which I did not know about when I bought the piece. Rafi brought the entire magic back, it is just exquisite. I could go on and on, I cannot say enough praise of Rafi himself and every one of the artisans he employs.

I have recommended Rafael Haroch Studio to my Friends, who have all been very pleased with his work.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.