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Rafael Haroch Studio has been in business for over twenty years, working closely with our clients in the revival of a wide variety of antique pieces ranging from 17th Century European furniture to Ancient Chinese armchairs to French Art Deco bookcases and cabinets and more.

While furniture comprises a large part of our business, our highly skilled staff also specializes in restoration and preservation of various artifacts and paintings – from pre-Colombian and ancient Chinese to more contemporary pieces with materials including marble, stone, terra cotta, glass, metals, gilding (oil/water), fabric, leather and painted finishes.

We are fully insured and employ classically trained painters, sculptors, carpenters, finishers and artisanal craftsmen, but if something is outside the fields of our expertise we are happy to advise or recommend.

At Rafael Haroch Studio we find great importance in using identical materials of the antique piece brought to us, as well as utilizing the same technique that originated the piece. This efficiency will bring forth most optimal results. With an inspection before this process begins we will provide an estimate of what it will take for complete restoration of the antique piece.

Over the past twelve years we are proud to be considered one of the primary restoration studios by New York’s two major international auction houses, working closely with their European, Nineteenth Century, Latin American and Interiors departments.

Additionally, we work with a multitude of prestigious galleries and dealers as well as prominent interior designers such as Glenn Gissler, Sandra Nunnerley, Todd Klein, Marcy Masterson, The Rockwell Group, Robert Stern Interiors and numerous private collectors.

Don’t hesitate to call and describe the state of your item(s) and from there we will promptly inform you of the help we are able to provide.


Rafael Haroch
(917) 832-6866 (landline, no texts please)